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Stand-Alone Books for Children
Kayla Montgomery Series
Getting Through Dark Times
I was merrily strolling along the sidewalk in my lavender Crocs when the toe of my right shoe buffed against the cement and BAM! I was down on the sidewalk, blood oozing from my knee. What just happened? Double that minor scraped knee. Now triple it and keep escalating it for the major tragedies we encounter in life. Consider current events such as the Texas, Colorado, and Georgia mass shootings. Or think back to your reaction when you saw the footage of the twin towers tumbling during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. My first thought was, What just…
Thoughts From an Old Pine
A lifetime ago, a young married couple carted me to a clearing in their new backyard. I was tall and strong and it took both of them to lift me. As they patted the soil around my roots, settling me into a comfortable hole and giving me plenty of water, they smiled at one another. I knew by planting me, they were thinking about their future. I grew, and so did their family. When their daughter and two sons were old enough, the father hung a swing from my branches. The mother would stand in my cooling shade, pushing first…
We Rock
“I found mine in a tree,” a friend told me excitedly, while we visited in an Alabama restaurant. “I found mine hidden in some weeds,” her husband said, leaning toward me. “Someone had painted Mississippi on the top.” The delight in both seniors’ faces made them resemble kids on Christmas morning. They were talking about finding painted rocks, a kindness-spreading movement for people of all ages.  Maybe you’ve been the recipient of a similar random act of kindness and know how it can lift your spirits. Or maybe you’ve been the one to donate to a scholarship, buy a stranger’s…