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Kayla Montgomery Series
In Our Own Backyard
In Our Own Backyard Fifty years ago, Catherine Marshall’s book Christy had a profound effect on me. In my idealized view, I wanted to be just like Christy and help children who were dealing with poverty and other serious issues. When I ended up getting my first teaching job in the Dells, I quickly found out that I didn’t need to go to the Appalachian Mountains to help students dealing with life challenges. I could contribute and make a difference here in my own backyard. My husband and I like to travel. One fall we headed to the Smoky Mountains,…
Your Past Shapes Who You Are
Do you ever think about how your childhood, teen years, and high school experiences shaped the person you are today? After attending my husband Frank’s class reunion and hearing stories about his younger years, it’s easy to see how he became the man he is today. While in elementary school, a group of older bullies once held Frank down and were going to “cut off his leg.” His mother rescued him in time, but growing up, Frank had to use his wits and strength more than once to defend himself. Those skills proved useful later when encountering thugs at the…
Joy in the Classroom
I recently took my grandsons to Lake Delton’s school’s playground. When my older grandson asked me if I’d ever brought my students here, I told him I had. Years instantly melted away and memories, like welcoming ghosts, rose from the familiar ground. I was fortunate to have taught fourth grade for over 30 years at that close-knit, community-minded school. The building and this playground hold many happy memories. As an incentive for students to finish work and follow the rules, I had what I called FFTs, “Friday Fun Times,” which were often held at this park. For the small investment…