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Get a Buzz On
As an author and columnist, I’m often asked how I get my ideas. I get them from daily life. Ideas can come from something I’ve experienced, read about, a reflection, a tug at the heart, or something that strikes me as funny. I’ve heard other authors mention that they know they’re on to something when they get goosebumps, feel a tingle in their scalp or a shiver. I get a buzz on—an awesome “high” feeling.  I felt “the buzz” a few days ago when I answered the phone in my hotel room. It was my ten-year-old grandson. “Grammy, did you…
Carefree and Driftless
Sometimes a person just needs to ignore the drudgery of the “to do” list and leave their burdens and worries behind. I took this advice and spent a carefree day “drifting” along with a group tour. I intended to set all worries aside and enjoy Wisconsin’s scenic driftless area. In the capable hands of an expert tour guide, driver, and a woman in charge of our comfort, I settled back in the cushy bus and let all my worries drift away. “Driftless Wanderings” is part of Able Trek’s “Go places and learn stuff” series and learn I did. Our tour…
Transport Me
Transport Me My good friend Liisa Eyerly and I share many things in common including a love of writing, playing tennis and pickleball, and an appreciation for our Scandinavian heritage, but Liisa is way cooler than me. I might have introduced her to a few good writing books and authors, but she introduced me to a traditional Finnish bath. A group of us met at her home on a northern Wisconsin lake and steamed in her sauna, properly pronounced SOW-na, where she threw water on rocks until the sweat poured off our bodies. We brought the blood to the surface…