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Dig In!
It happened four years ago when my husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary by whitewater rafting in the Menominee River. “Dig in!” The command came from James, our whitewater rafting guide. Our inflatable rubber boat was nearing Hell’s Hole, a Class IV rapids with a five-foot drop.  The Menominee River had swollen after recent rains and James’s six inexperienced rafters needed all the direction he could give if we were to survive Hell’s Hole. We wore helmets, life jackets, and we had our toes jammed under the air tube in front of us. Pinning our feet would hopefully…
Swapping Stories
Holidays such as Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be sad ones for those of us who have lost our grandparents and parents. If you have siblings, it can help to talk to them. My brother Jeff and I were visiting on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. I had the phone on speaker as I strolled around my backyard. I described the brightly colored pots I’d painted and the lush water garden. “It’s looking real purdy around here,” I said. I blinked. Time slowed down. I was instantly back at my Grandma’s kitchen table hearing her, my…
Slowing Down Time
We’re at the brink of summer, and I fear in September we’ll lament, “It went so fast.” If only we could slow down time. But how do we slow down time? Researchers have found these four things help: have new experiences, feel productive by setting goals and working to achieve them, be fully engaged in your activities, and keep a journal. I’ve successfully pulled off the first three, but although I’ve tried nightly journaling, I’ve never stuck with it. Until now. Three weeks ago I started a form of journalling which Matthew Dick, an author and  Moth StorySLAM champion, calls “Homework…