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My Long-suffering Husband
This morning I asked my husband to duck-tape my wrists together. He raised his eyebrows, but he took the tape and gave my wrist two wraps. Frank is used to my strange demands which often involve a scene I’m writing. Today, I’m working on the climax of a new young adult novel in which a serial killer has taped my heroine’s wrists together. I watched a YouTube on how she could escape from this and wanted to try it. With two wraps of tape around my wrists, I raised my arms over my head, then in one quick movement, I…
Remarkable Animal Moms
Human moms aren’t the only ones who take extraordinary steps to protect and care for their young. Animal moms, too, will sacrifice and risk their lives for their young. Earlier this winter, while my husband and I pulled Christmas lights and decorations out of the storage area above our garage, we found something both disturbing and intensely moving. A pregnant mouse, caught in one of the small box-like traps my husband keeps up there, had, before she died, pulled out her fur to make a nest. She hadn’t lived long enough to give birth, but she had used the last…
Pickleball: you can’t lose
Pickleball, a mashup of tennis, badminton, and Ping-pong, which appeals mainly to seniors, is the fastest growing sport in America. The court is smaller than a tennis court, so seniors often choose it over tennis since it’s easier on the knees. My husband and I discovered the game five years ago. We learned the fundamentals, and now often play three times a week.  You may have heard that quarterback Tom Brady has invested in the game, or that celebrities such as Bill and Melinda Gates, the Kardashians, Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, and George and Amal Clooney love playing it. Last…