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These Muffins are for the Crows
The apple muffins I made tasted “off.” I’d spent long minutes hunting up muffin tins and paper baking cups. (I seldom bake.) I have had plenty of baking failures because I’ve only guessed at amounts, so this time I measured the flour, sunflower seeds, baking soda, orange rind, oil, and molasses. Finally, I laboriously diced apples and added them along with raisins. When my husband and I sat down at our kitchen table with the warm muffins, I felt confident until I took that first bite. “I measured this time,” I said defensively.  I didn’t mention that I hadn’t added…
Thanksgiving Weirdness
I’ll get to see all six of my grandchildren this Thanksgiving. I think back to my feelings about my grandparents when I was their age and shudder. Grandparents moaned and groaned when they pushed themselves out of their chairs and talked about dull things like politics or relatives I didn’t know. In my estimation, they were boooor-ing. This year, I hope to avoid the label “boring.” I imagine one possibility. With the smells of roasted turkey, sage stuffing, and wild rice permeating the air, my granddaughters, in their early twenties, will offer to help me set the table. Back when…
The Orange Barrels of our Life
A few weeks ago, I was zipping along on the interstate in the early morning darkness, smiling to myself because I had everything in control. Lake Geneva’s book festival would allow me to sell my books and meet fellow authors and readers. Life was good. Traffic on the two-lane stretch was tight. l was in the left lane when a UPS truck driver in the right lane ahead of me turned on his flashers. My grip tightened on the steering wheel, and my foot hovered above the brake, knowing something was coming out of the dark. All senses on high…