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Stranded on Castaway Island Book Cover
Stand-Alone Books for Children
Stranded on Castaway Island Book Cover
Kayla Montgomery Series
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The Value of Cemeteries
My daughter Heidi flew in from California over Mother’s Day to spend time with me. Since her two boys weren’t along, we had the chance to dine out, visit Madison’s botanical garden, kayak the Wisconsin River, and have a memorial walk around the Spring Grove Cemetery. A few years ago, my husband and I debated if we should buy cemetery plots since it seemed like a wasteful use of land. Maybe you, too, are at the point of life where you discuss this. Cremation makes sense to us—it takes up only a small space—but after talking at length, he and…
Tell Your Story
“To survive, you must tell stories.” Umberto Eco, Italian philosopher Two weeks ago in my Mother’s Day column, I talked about Mom telling me she’d gotten angry with my father and had cut her wedding dress up to made curtains. My mother and I had been interrupted and I’d never thought to ask her about it later. She’s gone now, and I’ll never know the whole story. You, too, have stories, those tales you tell around the kitchen table or while grilling out with friends or at gatherings like family reunions. I wish my father had written down the story…
A Simpler Time in my Plymouth Valiant
Photo by Aaron Toth