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Stand-Alone Books for Children
Kayla Montgomery Series
Winston, the Smiling Dog
Meet Winston, a Border collie mix who has enriched Sonja and her family’s life. Winston, who loves to go for walks, play ball, and fetch Frisbees, brings energy to their home. He’s sensitive, intelligent, and keeps the family laughing. “He can smile,” Sonja reports, with a hint of pride. “Winston loves attention, and he’ll lie on top of my son’s computer or knock the phone out of my daughter’s hand if they’re on them too long.” Winston’s family enjoys his antics, especially how he pulls his toys out of his kennel, plays with them, and then puts them back. They…
Gertie the Extraordinary Goose
Think about those extraordinary moments of your life. You might recall a milestone celebration or something unplanned, such as the gift of a perfect spring day when you fished a stream and caught a brook trout or the warm night you strolled outdoors under a star-filled night. Or it could be the day you got an unexpected phone call that changed your life.
Getting Through Dark Times
I was merrily strolling along the sidewalk in my lavender Crocs when the toe of my right shoe buffed against the cement and BAM! I was down on the sidewalk, blood oozing from my knee. What just happened? Double that minor scraped knee. Now triple it and keep escalating it for the major tragedies we encounter in life. Consider current events such as the Texas, Colorado, and Georgia mass shootings. Or think back to your reaction when you saw the footage of the twin towers tumbling during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. My first thought was, What just…