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Stranded on Castaway Island Book Cover
Stand-Alone Books for Children
Stranded on Castaway Island Book Cover
Kayla Montgomery Series
Books for Adults
Words of Wisdom from Josie the Cockapoo
Hi, it’s Josie the Cockapoo, hoping to get this into the paper before Mum-Amy catches me. She doesn’t let me write often—something about too many run-on sentences and getting off track—but I’m turning 12 on the 12th of this month and I have some words of wisdom to share. Not that I understand everything.  For example, the other night I saw the sky light up in flashes of colors and heard blasting and smelled gun powder. At first I thought Mum might have planned a pre-golden birthday party for me, but then I didn’t get any bacon or jerky, so…
Dude Ranch Adventure Fills my Memory Bank
Think about a pleasant memory you have of your grandparents. I’m guessing it isn’t opening a Christmas or birthday gift from them, but it’s a fun experience you shared. That was my hope when I set out to spend a weekend with my daughter and young grandsons. When I learned there was a dude ranch in Mauston, only 20 miles from the Dells, my jaw dropped. After I made the reservation, I kept wondering how someone who loved horses hadn’t known about this incredible place. I quizzed locals and found out many of them didn’t know as well. My daughter…
Finding the One
My husband’s and my 45th wedding anniversary is days away. Our older granddaughter has a boyfriend and is the same age I was when Frank and I married. The world has changed dramatically in 45 years, but the basics of a good relationship haven’t. Join me as I give advice to help my granddaughter and any others who are deciding if he’s “the one.” Choose a life partner you can trust, someone who has integrity, and who keeps his word. Find someone who shares with the chores. A good marriage is having one partner who is willing to shower with…