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Tell People What They Mean to You
A friend, who recently lost her husband, shared something she’s learned since his death. People are contacting her regularly, telling her what her husband meant to them, recalling wonderful moments they shared with him. She loves to hear their stories, but she keeps wishing that her husband could hear them too.  She shares an important […]
Matching Lives
I’m sorting through seasonal clothes in the closet when I linger at the forest green vest my son and daughter-in-law gave me. They bought a matching one for my husband, Frank. I include it along with heavier clothes and bring them all to an upstairs “off-season” closet. As I slide hangers over, I notice a […]
My Memory Garden
Do you have a lot of photo albums? I do. In fact, I have 37. Wanting to downsize, I’m going through them and transferring the best photos into a compact, plastic case. The others (forgotten landscapes or duplicates or blurry images) go into one of three piles. 1. See if someone else wants these. 2. […]
Cemetery Stories and Surprises
Several years ago my husband and I visited my elderly relative, Per Moen, in Norway. I expected he’d take us to his home. We had limited time, and Per surprised us by taking us to a cemetery instead. Country and family are important to Per. Although Per spoke English, he said little while he showed […]
The Entertaining, Helpful, and Intelligent Crows in Our Backyards
“Caw, caw, caw.” My backyard crows demand my attention. I imagine you have crows in your area, too. I feed my murder of crows regularly. They enjoy leftovers, sunflower seeds, dog food, and peanuts in the shell. They, in turn, help watch over our property. Many years ago, when I was still raising pet ducks, […]
Hen or Human, Motherhood is the Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love
I’m driving along Highway 16 on my way to Portage when I spot a hen and drake mallard walking across the road. Their waddling movements make me smile. I brake and since traffic is clear, I leisurely watch them. I wonder why they’re choosing to walk instead of fly. Maybe they’re conserving energy for all that parenthood […]
I’m Losing It
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Find Joy in Today, Take Two
Last year, my husband Frank and I planned a trip of a lifetime—a Rhine River cruise through the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Twenty-four days before the trip, though, Frank ended up in intensive care with a major health crisis. Four days after he was out of the hospital and on the road to recovery, […]