Other presentation topics:

Meet the Author

 This program is guaranteed to tug at heartstrings, be entertaining, and to produce a laugh or two. The colorful Keynote slides and Amy’s animated reading from her newly published book Laugh, Cry, Reflect: Stories from a Joyful Heart, inspired by true events about teaching, nature, pets, and family, will have participants reflecting upon their own lives.

Stories to Tell: Memoirs and More

 After sharing tips on memoir writing, Amy will produce prompts, give time for writing, invite volunteers to share their work, and offer comments.

 Presenting the Gift of Story

This 1-2 hour program will appeal to writers of all ages. Amy will invite participants to unwrap three gifts revealing the characters, setting and situation they’ll use to write a story. Volunteers may share their stories.

The Game Writers Get to Play

Geared for primary age children, Amy will use numerous props to stir students’ imaginations and build a story.

It Starts with the Egg

Perfect for 8-12 year olds, Amy will use visual aids to explain the writing process from the incubation stage to the hatching stage. By the end, students will be eager to write themselves.

So You Want to be a Writer

Amy will share her journey to publication and provide techniques and tips on how to get published.

Follow Me Into a Book

Amy will share the inspiration for Follow Me Into the Woods, geared for early elementary students. She will engage the virtual viewers with various visuals and discuss writing techniques such as character’s point of view. Students will receive a free scavenger hunt, maze, crossword puzzle and word search.

Honorarium of $150 plus travel expenses.

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