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Great Things Come in Small Packages
Great Things Come in Small Packages Greetings fellow story lovers!Shortly after my young daughters and I began taking riding lessons, I dreamed of buying a horse of our own. In order to save money, I considered bidding for a wild horse at a Bureau of Land Management auction. I read many books and articles, and attended an auction where I wistfully stared at a pregnant mare. For only $125 I’d be able to get a mother and her foal. But I’d done enough research to know the many regulations about owning a wild horse. Furthermore, a horse newly captured from…
Noah’s Ark
Hello! Welcome to my blog, a place where writers and readers can meet to share the joy of stories. And who doesn’t love a swooshing good story.I was perched on top of the waterslide at “Noah’s Ark” waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. I pulled up my stretched-out one piece as I waited for my turn. The place was packed, and I noticed some former students.Finally it was my turn. I lay face first on the mat, took a deep breath, then shoved off. Whoosh! Down the enclosed tunnel, lights flashing as if in warning. Pool just ahead. waterslide “Splosh!” I hit…
Hello world!
Welcome to my blog. I’d love to spend time with you discussing stories, writing techniques, and shared passions for nature, animals, and photography. I look forward to meeting you, Amy Laundrie