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Regrets of the Dying
My father dreamed of going elk hunting out west. He worked at least 40-hour weeks at American Motors and maintained a huge garden so finding the time (and extra cash) was a strug-gle. Dad occasionally took time for himself to hunt or fish, but at age 55 he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died […]
A Treasure Box of Memories
My treasure box, the size of a loaf of bread, used to belong to my mother who called it her jewelry box. For as far back as I can remember, it sat on her dresser. Now it sits on mine. I suspect you have a treasure box, too. It might be your dad’s tackle box, […]
4th of July Gratitude
Earlier this week I buckled on a fanny pack so my phone would be safe during my bike ride. I set out and enjoyed cruising on a remote country road with rolling hills. I continued onto Highway O and headed north so I could view the scenic Baraboo bluffs. Pedaling along, I enjoyed the smell […]
Wait, Watch, Hope
This spring I was anxious to arrive at our northern Wisconsin cabin to see if the orphaned gosling we raised and released last year had returned. Last fall, after Gertie still hadn’t found a buddy, my husband and I dropped her off in central Wisconsin where thousands of geese congregated. She’d be able to choose […]
Memorial Tributes
Memorial week is a time to pay tribute to others who have gone before us and many people do that by tending gravesites. Cemeteries dot the countryside taking up valuable land. Wouldn’t that land be better used for housing, recreation centers, or parks? I used to think so. Then I started walking in the Dells’ […]
Frozen moments
My husband and I were driving through northern Wisconsin this past week when we spotted an albino doe. We stopped to watch it and talked about the other times we’d seen albino deer. We recalled the exact locations, Palmer and Sand Lake, and details. One time we actually saw two albino does walking together. Each […]
Unexpected Mothers
Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, but mothers can take unexpected forms, proven by these incredible examples of surrogates across species. Earning first prize in my interspecies mother-of-the-year photo contest is a medium-sized dog with seven baby opossums clinging onto her back. After the mother opossum was killed, the dog owner bottle-fed the orphans. The dog […]
Mother Earth Observes
My eyes water. My throat feels scratchy. My lungs burn. People say I’m doomed; that I, Mother Earth, will never recover. I worry that they could be right. The wind stirs my grasses. I watch. A family heads out for a day at the park. I see how they’re enjoying spending time with me. Their […]