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Painting Word Pictures
wall Greetings fellow story lovers, Even though there are times when I wish my imagination wasn’t so active, it is a great tool for storytelling. Ever since I began trail riding in isolated woods, I’ve been terrified that my horse and I will be attacked by dogs. My imagination paints a vivid picture of the […]
What If . . .
Greetings fellow story lovers, What if . . . are magic words to writers and story tellers. What if an animal attraction with over 100 live reptiles including crocodiles, unusual albino iguanos, and the world’s largest snake caught on fire? snake This question led to my interviewing the owner and began the fourth Kayla Montgomery […]
Greetings fellow story lovers, What makes you grind your teeth, giggle like a hyper kid, or hiss like a panther? What makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle, your fingers dig at your scalp, or your throat ache with sadness? These intense feelings can be the origin of impassioned stories. Egg A […]
Great Things Come in Small Packages
Great Things Come in Small Packages Greetings fellow story lovers!Shortly after my young daughters and I began taking riding lessons, I dreamed of buying a horse of our own. In order to save money, I considered bidding for a wild horse at a Bureau of Land Management auction. I read many books and articles, and […]
Noah’s Ark
Hello! Welcome to my blog, a place where writers and readers can meet to share the joy of stories. And who doesn’t love a swooshing good story.I was perched on top of the waterslide at “Noah’s Ark” waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. I pulled up my stretched-out one piece as I waited for my turn. The […]
Hello world!
Welcome to my blog. I'd love to spend time with you discussing stories, writing techniques, and shared passions for nature, animals, and photography. I look forward to meeting you, Amy Laundrie