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I was perched on top of the waterslide at “Noah’s Ark” waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. I pulled up my stretched-out one piece as I waited for my turn. The place was packed, and I noticed some former students.
Finally it was my turn. I lay face first on the mat, took a deep breath, then shoved off. Whoosh! Down the enclosed tunnel, lights flashing as if in warning. Pool just ahead.



I hit the water face first with such force I wasn’t sure which end was up. But I did know I was feeling a draft where a middle-aged woman should never feel a draft. Frantic, I planted my feet, careful to keep low in the water. I wiped water from my eyes and grabbed for my free-floating suit. Out of reach. I scrambled a few steps and grabbed it. Slipping it on was another nightmare.
I prayed that the water was churning enough that the water-parkers couldn’t see. As soon as I was assembled, I climbed out, not daring to make contact with the lifeguards or other loiterers. I did not want to see their expressions.
My early retreat may have lost me some time at the waterpark, but I did gain a story. In my latest book, “Noah’s Ark Pet Care Club,” a character ends up staying in the waterpark pool a bit longer than expected.

In NOAH’S ARK PET CARE CLUB Mugsy, Natalie, and Denver want to go to Adventure Land, the water park where they can plummet down rides like the Belly-Buster. To earn money, they form Noah's Ark Pet Care Club. But they aren't anywhere near ready to care for a pampered Pekingese, a sneaky pig, or a homesick goose. Surprises and laughs overflow as the friends scramble to ride herd on their "clients" and earn enough money for the adventure of a lifetime.

Download Noah's Ark Teacher's Guide for part 1 of the NOAH’S ARK PET CARE CLUB teacher’s guide, suitable for grades 3-4.

Can you guess which of these is not true?”

1. I was a teacher at Lake Delton, Wisconsin, for thirty-five years.
2. I’m the author of seven books, all dealing with animals.
3. When I was a child I had many pets including an anole (a little green lizard) and white mice. Once, when I picked up a mouse by the tail, the tail fell off. I freaked out and threw it in the toilet. It continued to twitch. So, like Natalie in “Noah’s Ark Pet Care Club,” I flushed it down.


Answer: Number three is not true. I flushed the tail of the anole, not the white mouse.

Storysharer would love to hear tails, oops, I mean tales from you. Bring them on!

5 Replies to “Noah’s Ark”

You are a teacher to the core, Amy, and what a good one. What great inspirational writing… as always. Even your questions are interesting. Eva

Thank you, Eva. Teaching may be in my blood, but I’m most grateful that I’m a learner and that I’m fortunate enough to have found such generous, talented friends as yourself.

Sharon Addy

Amy, you’re braver than I am! No waterslides for me, even if my suit fits well. Fun story! I never would have guessed that segment of NOAH’S ARK PETCARE Club was based on personal experience. Sharon

Heidi Bennett

As a child I loved our family vacations to Alabama in the spring. My sister and I would catch anoles by the white sand beach and bring them home. We were always so careful of the tail because we had been warned they can pop off. Still I was a little tempted to pick them up by it just to see it happen! Does it grow back?

Anole’s tails do grow back.
I’m amazed at some of nature’s defense abilities. The horned lizard will shoot blood out of its eyes.
Hey, I just got an idea for a cool animal vampire story. :>)

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