Writing is Like Hatching an Egg

Greetings fellow story lovers,
Two ducklings hatched out of my incubator this spring. I love this project. Although it demands hard work and patience, it can produce joyous results.  The same is true of the writing process.
Stories begin with ideas. The fertile mind incubates a nucleus of an inspirational thought, rotating it in the mind so it’s warmed thoroughly. The shell is fragile and the wise writer doesn’t open herself up to criticism by speaking of her project until it’s fully formed. The project needs to be turned several times a day (28 days for ducks) until the last three days of incubation, when the writer sits at her computer and hunkers down. The pipping of the shell can take hours, but then, oh glory, she greets the warm sun, waving her rough copy to the heavens.

Amy with newly hatched mallards, Maynard and Mallory

She looks around. This needs tightening, that subplot isn’t working. Once fully dry and feeling fluffy, she’s ready to introduce herself to the world. She may waddle about, quack via blogs or face to face, and meet fellow story lovers.
To view my excitement when my first mallard hatched, check out Maynard’s entry to the world at http://bit.ly/JnvKYo.
Storysharer would love to hear tips about your writing process.

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