All I Need to Know I Learned From Ducks
I’ve gleaned many helpful tips and truths from watching my pet ducklings. Here’s a few to ponder.

The first one out of the egg has the advantage.

Every day is an exciting, new adventure.

If you want the worm, go out, dig around, and find it.

Preening to impress the flock is worth the effort.

Eat your spinach, kale, lettuce and other greens. They’ll make you strong.

Duckling downy feathers become adolescent pinfeathers become adult tail feathers in the flick of a wing beat.

Pocket the phone and live in the moment. Watch us ducks. We’re experts.

Rejoice in every sunrise and sunset.

Resist the temptation to snatch up all the treats for yourself.

It’s best if at least one of the flock is on guard.

When given the chance, dunk, splash, explore, experiment, play.
Break out in joyous peeps and quacks for the sheer joy of it. It’s good for the soul.

Birds of a feather want to stick together, so look for those who need a flock, and reach out.

The flock does better with leaders looking out for all.
When the bugs are getting to you, you might have to open your beak and snap back.

There are many foxes out in the world, but being penned up all the time is no fun.

Find respite in a gently flowing river, a quiet pond, or a marsh filled with nature sounds.

Rainy days will come. Let the water droplets bead up, flick them off, and move on.
Even when you’re rained on, you can find a silver puddle.

Enjoy simple pleasures: the symphony of morning bird songs, the sight of glistening spider webs, and the feel of sunshine on your back.

Life is much better with buddies.

Change can be a good thing. This might be your time to test out your wings and fly.
It’s great to stretch your wings, but you’re never too old to enjoy being tucked in at night.

2 Replies to “All I Need to Know I Learned From Ducks”

Sue Twiggs

I can see a picturebook with some of these sayings. Could be cute!

Amy Laundrie

Thanks for the suggestion, Sue. I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

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