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As an author and columnist, I’m often asked how I get my ideas. I get them from daily life. Ideas can come from something I’ve experienced, read about, a reflection, a tug at the heart, or something that strikes me as funny. I’ve heard other authors mention that they know they’re on to something when they get goosebumps, feel a tingle in their scalp or a shiver. I get a buzz on—an awesome “high” feeling. 

I felt “the buzz” a few days ago when I answered the phone in my hotel room. It was my ten-year-old grandson. “Grammy, did you know if I punch line 1 and your room number, I can call you?”

“Really?” I asked, playing along and trying to catch my bearings. Hadn’t he ever seen his mom or dad use a hotel phone? Maybe not. Jay had grown up with his parents using Smart phones. He was familiar with Bluetooth, Siri, and took wireless gadgets for granted.

“Grammy,” Jay continued, “there’s only one problem. I don’t know how to hang up.”

Buzzzzz! I grinned, feeling like I’d downed an espresso. I knew I wanted to include this cute comment in a column. After all, who doesn’t need a chuckle?

After I told Jay how to hang up, I thought back to some of the funny things fellow teachers or I heard students say over the years. One of my favorite “funnies” happened while I had an incubator of quail eggs. Part of a life science lesson, we discussed the development of the embryo and our plans to care for the quail chicks. I kept the incubator in the hall so the entire school could share in the experience. The day the fuzzy little quails hatched, a first grader brought her friend to the incubator and pointed inside. “See,” she said in a smug tone. “I told you they were quails, not whales.”

A boy once rubbed his head vigorously and said, “I’ve been thinking so hard my head hurts.”

A girl, awed by the beautiful visiting tooth fairy in her fancy white dress, sparkly wings, and tiara took a second look when she noticed the fairy’s feet. She turned to her teacher and whispered, “I never knew the tooth fairy wore tennis shoes.” 

A music teacher once pulled out an old record album and heard a student remark, “Wow, look at that huge CD.”

One student whipped around a corner, bumped into a teacher, and bounced off her chest. The student said, “Oh, you’d make a good airbag.”

A first grade boy pulled something out of his pocket and showed his gym teacher. “Aren’t these cool?” the boy asked.

The teacher kept a straight face and admired the worms. “Yes,” he answered, “but if you keep them in your pocket they’ll die.”

“Well, my friend has some too.” 

The friend pulled out two worms. “Yeah,” he said, “but I have dirt in here too.”

The gym teacher lost it at that, and laughed aloud.

When’s the last time a grandchild, neighborhood boy or girl, or student made you laugh aloud? If one or two or twenty come to mind, include them below. After all, we all need more laughter in our lives.

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You’d make a good airbag? Love it!
Funny column. Thanks, Amy.

Hi Sue,
I’m looking forward to being an “Author In Residence” for a week this month. I may be able to add to this column.

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