It’s Coming, it’s Coming

I hurriedly scoop another armful of dead flower stalks and drop them into the wheelbarrow. There’s a chill in the air.

The ka-runk, ka-runk of the geese flying overhead call a warning. It’s coming; it’s coming.

A fat critter uses its paws to dig in the ground and bury an acorn, a snack for when the ground is covered with snow. Its tail flicks before it ventures off to find another. Hustle, bustle. The gray squirrel seems to scold and I resume my yard work. There’s no time to lose.

I bend, grabbing a large bunch of stalks. After working for a while, I pause to stretch out my back. The wind blows and a few remaining leaves swirl as if saying goodbye. My neighbor’s leaf blower roars. Unlike lazy summer afternoons, we don't take time to chat. There’s a sense of urgency in the air. Snow is predicted.

My husband pushes the snowblower from the shed and houses it in the garage where it’ll be handy. Its coming; its coming.

Cold. Winter. Snow. 

Hours later, I look over at the leaf piles and happily hang up my rake. I cozy up in my recliner, close my eyes, and half-doze. I dream of the coming winter.

Long cozy nights snuggled up with a newspaper or book.

Waking up to frosted trees which permit me to stay in my pajamas longer than usual.

Guilt-free binge-watching a favorite TV series.

Long warm bubble baths.

Tuning into football, hockey, basketball, and ice dancing.

The chance to play pickleball at the many indoor facilities in our area.

Fun activities like snowshoeing on magical blue-sky wintry afternoons, tubing, sledding, and snowmobiling.

Delicious smells from simmering pot roast to be served with crusty French bread.

Scrumptious scents of baking pumpkin pie, gingerbread, and apple crisp.

The anticipation of holidays where we’ll gather and share laughs. 

Winter offers something for everyone. It’s the perfect time to consider staying at a rural cabin where you can make snow angels like a kid, and no one will see. Or find a motel room with a hot tub and pool where you can soak or swim while looking out at a snowy landscape. 

Check out events in your area and plan to grab some kids and go sledding. The Dells’ Christmas Mountain has a winter carnival that includes dog sledding. Lake Delton’s Mirror Lake offers candlelight skiing.

Choose the art fairs you’d like to attend. Baraboo’s “The Very Merry Holiday Fair” is held on Friday and Saturday, December 8th and 9th.

Check out the offerings through a local library near you. Portage’s library, for example, offers chair yoga, meditation, puzzle challenges, help with technology, Zumba-Gold, euchre, and more. I plan on attending their session to create gnome ornaments. My siblings and I exchange homemade gifts, and I’d love to create a gnome for my red-haired brother. I’ll try to make it look like him for laughs.

I’m also interested in researching a holiday light show I’ve never seen before. Maybe Beaver Dam’s Rotary Lights Display in Swan Park which begins on November 24th.

Whether you enjoy this time of year or not, one thing’s for sure. It’s coming; it’s coming.

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Great way to combine your lovely personal reflections on nature (with delightful touches of humor) as well as information about coming events. Nice!


Thank you, Gayle. Stay warm and cozy. It’s coming,

Great way to combine your lovely personal reflections on nature (with delightful touches of humor) as well as information about coming events. Nice!

Debbie Gille

Amy, Even though we chose our retirement in a warmer winter climate, I know i will miss waking up to the snowy winter mornings to see the snow pillowing on the pines and the warm crackle of a wood burning fireplace while sipping something warm by the fire. your words brought me back to some fond memories of Winter in Wisconsin.

Hi Deb,
Yes, you will miss our snowy, blue sky days, but probably not the shoveling and the dirty slush once the snow isn’t so fresh. I am glad I live where I get to experience four seasons. I wouldn’t want to live in a place where the weather is perfect every day and doesn’t change.
Thanks for staying in touch.

Jeff Braatz

A red haired gnome that looks like me? You got your work cut out for you, sis! You might need a couple glasses of wine for inspiration!

Dear brother,
Sadly, I didn’t realize how many sisters had signed up to make their brothers gnome ornaments and the workshop was full! You’ll have to wait until next year. 🙂

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