Memories of cross-country skiing down a mountain in the Tetons,

a world silenced by sugary snow,

miles of undisturbed white swells,

oceans of sapphire blue sky.

Pushing off,

Skiing in the Porcupine Mountains,

making the first tracks through pristine crystals,

sneaking up on twenty deer herded up in the woods,

a stand of white birch against a lavender blue sky.

My daughter’s cheeks rosy pink,

her eyelashes frosted silver.

In a tree stripped bare

we spot a squirrel’s nest. No, it’s a porcupine.

A tree full of holes showcases the work of

pileated and downy woodpeckers.

The insects snuggle in a deluxe high rise condominium.

Lucky little bugs.

Underneath puffy mounds hide grouse and rabbit. 

Fox paw prints and a mouse’s tunnel tell a tale.

Owl wing imprints show the prey’s end.

Josie the cockapoo bounding along on snowshoe trails

snow polka-dotting her face

but loving being part of the fun.

Riding in my backpack when she needs a break.

Night skiing by candlelight at Mirror Lake.

Shapes softened with the warm glow.

Was that a flying squirrel?

Snowflakes melting on my tongue

then hot chocolate and a chat by the bonfire.

Downhill skiing at Cascade Mountain.

Pines whiskered in white

so high all the world lies below.

Crank, the chair lift lurches.

Ohh, be still my pounding heart.

Crinkle, my snow pants ease toward the edge.

Swish, my skis glide over fresh powder.

Brrr, cold wind brings tears to my eyes.

Whoosh! I pick up speed.

“Look out!” I scream.

Plop, my face in the snow.

Oomph, I’m up again.

Grrr, skis hit a rut.

Whew, made it.

Oh no, mogul straight ahead.

Kratch! Ice!

Aii, I’m down again.

Resting in the chalet with a hot buttered rum.


Many area ski hills are open. The friends of Mirror Lake State Park, E10320 Fern Dell Rd, Baraboo, invite you to their candlelight ski/hike night on February 3, 6:00-8:00. 

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4 Replies to “Skiing”

Anita Schmitz

Thank you for sharing the winter treasures that so many people ignore. Wisconsin is BEAUTIFUL in the winter. The candle light ski section reminds me of our experience one year at the candlelight ski in the kettle moraine, Zillmer trail. The full moon set the atmosphere with so many shades of grey I couldn’t count. And then the unexpected hoar frost that set everything in sight in a winter wonderland. Brad’s beard and my curls had crystals of snow defining every hair. A memory I will never forget.


Thanks for sharing those vivid descriptions, Anita. Yes, if a person is going to spend winters in Wisc., they should try to get out and play in the snow. Thanks for the comment.


Reading your adventures of Skiing and playing in the snow make me miss the pristine white against the blue sky of winter. Your description brought a full picture to my mind. Thank you for that memory.


Hi Debbie,
Thanks for the reply. I do love sunny winter days with ice blue skies. But Tennessee surely has many beautiful winter days too.

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