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Treasure Hunting along the Ocean
I’m walking along the sandy white beach of Gulf Shores, Alabama, looking for treasures from the sea. Today I chose a remote stretch of beach, one littered with barnacle-covered driftwood and debris such as bottles, ropes, and bent crab traps. In the 45 years I’ve explored these beaches, I’ve found many unusual items, most of […]
Island Life
I often wish I could live two lives so I can squeeze everything in. One way to live a second life is by traveling and connecting with new people. While playing pickleball in Alabama, my husband and I met Cathy and Gary, and there was an instant connection. We learned Gary grew up near our […]
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Are you feeling draggy these days? Have the doldrums got you down? I have good news for you. March 19 is National Let’s Laugh Day. Mayo Clinic points out that laughter enhances our intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates our heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by our brains. So, let’s […]
Channeling my Inner Little Girl
I avoid looking in the full-length mirrors as I find a spot in the back of the Alabama fitness center. I don’t want to see this dowdy, klutzy body. My aching back and sore knee would rather nap in the sunshine, but this vacation is giving me the perfect opportunity to explore new exercise classes, […]
What’s Your Name Again?
“Charles, it’s your serve, right?” I asked my tennis opponent. He looked around, confused. “Charles?” I repeated. “Who’s Charles?” he asked. I’d done it again. My writer’s brain names people as if they were characters in one of my manuscripts. My dignified opponent, whose actual name is George, was a perfect Charles in my mind. […]
Lessons Learned From a Pond
If you think back to your childhood home and neighborhood, did it influence your personality? I spent my teen years in a house that overlooked a duck pond. The pond and surrounding farm area not only educated me about the joys and harsh realities of life, but they helped form my character. My parents held […]
Enjoy the Game
If I don’t get this second tennis serve in, my partner and I will lose the game. I’ve double-faulted once before, so I need to focus. Really focus. I tighten up, clench the racket, and toss the ball. I bring my racket down. Wham!  My serve lands outside the box. Double fault. Way to lose […]
Mystery Man, and His Secret Life
Valentine’s Week is an ironic time to highlight a public figure of the 60s and 70s since our mystery icon, or M.I. for short, led a double life, betraying his wife and daughters while he had a secret 29-year love affair.  I was an adolescent when I escaped from the news of protests against the […]