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Lessons Learned From a Pond
If you think back to your childhood home and neighborhood, did it influence your personality? I spent my teen years in a house that overlooked a duck pond. The pond and surrounding farm area not only educated me about the joys and harsh realities of life, but they helped form my character. My parents held […]
Enjoy the Game
If I don’t get this second tennis serve in, my partner and I will lose the game. I’ve double-faulted once before, so I need to focus. Really focus. I tighten up, clench the racket, and toss the ball. I bring my racket down. Wham!  My serve lands outside the box. Double fault. Way to lose […]
Mystery Man, and His Secret Life
Valentine’s Week is an ironic time to highlight a public figure of the 60s and 70s since our mystery icon, or M.I. for short, led a double life, betraying his wife and daughters while he had a secret 29-year love affair.  I was an adolescent when I escaped from the news of protests against the […]
A Free Trip Anywhere in the World
Last week I was at a gathering when a woman said the daughter of one of her clients gifted her with a trip to anywhere in the world. I sucked in a quick breath. Surrounding eyes grew wide or blinked as people thought of where they’d go. Skiing in Vail, Colorado, or, better yet, the […]
Inspirational Lynn
Imagine waking up one morning with a high fever, severe chills, nausea, and diarrhea.  You think it will pass, but you become incoherent and unresponsive. Your partner calls 911 and an ambulance rushes you to a hospital. You end up in the ICU with septic shock, which has a 30% survival rate. Your heart is […]
Swish! Memories of cross-country skiing down a mountain in the Tetons, a world silenced by sugary snow, miles of undisturbed white swells, oceans of sapphire blue sky. Pushing off, Skiing in the Porcupine Mountains, making the first tracks through pristine crystals, sneaking up on twenty deer herded up in the woods, a stand of white […]
Mystery Sea Creature
Last week’s column starred a mystery bird. This week I’m challenging you to guess a sea creature, one that played a trick on me and then gave me a cheeky smile.  In the wild, Delphinapterus leucas lives in the cold Arctic and sub-Arctic, but my first encounter with her was at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. I […]
Can you Guess this Mystery Raptor?
As I stroll down a peaceful Wisconsin Dells road framed by giant pine trees, a high-pitched squeal draws my eyes upward. Can you guess which bird flies above me? It has a seven-foot wingspan and is heading toward the river where its keen eyes can spot a tasty snack from a mile away. It will […]